Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Coming to Mobile

It will be available in China for the meantime

In case you are out of the loop (or probably living under a rock), there’s the new game called Fall Guys: Ulimate Knockout, and its gaining immense popularity. To date, the game has sold over two million copies in Steam and has garnered over a million players in PlayStation 4.

We’re not surprised why the game is incredibly addicting: taking inspiration from Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout, Fall Guys: Ulimate Knockout is a survival game where 60 players compete in a series of mini-games and obstacle courses, with the match progressing until there is only one player standing.

Because of its immense popularity, video game industry insider Daniel Ahmad revealed that the game is going to have a mobile version after Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili acquired the rights to the game in China.

The mobile version is listed on Bilibili’s site as Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout. There’s no word yet if the game will be available in mobile outside of China, but Ahmad did share screenshots of what the game will look like on a mobile device.

Are you excited about the mobile version of this popular survival game?

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