Diablo IV Kicks Off Open Beta on March 24

Diablo IV Kicks Off Open Beta on March 24

Ahead of its much-anticipated release on June 6, Blizzard will give chance to select players to have access to the open beta of Diablo IV beginning March 24. Those who pre-ordered Diablo IV will get much earlier access between March 17 and 19.

The open beta will be made available across multiple platforms that include PlayStation 4 and 5, XBox One, XBox Series X/S, and PC.

The open beta will let lucky players play through the game’s prologue and first act. The trailer shares a cinematic intro of what to expect when exploring the Fractured Peaks. For the open beta, players are limited to reaching level 25 but can do all the main quests and sidequests that are available within the area. One disclaimer though: all of your progress in the open beta will not carry over to the final game.

According to IGN, one of the features of Diablo IV incorporates your customized character across all of the game’s cinematics–which involves over 30 hours of campaigns and sidequests.

Since this is an open beta, Blizzard warns that players might encounter glitches along the way, but assures everyone that they will take note of everyone’s feedback and make all the necessary tweaks before the June 6 release date.

Not much has been shared for now, but Blizzard promises to reveal more details about the Diablo IV open beta in a live stream that’s scheduled for February 28.


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