GOMO 2.2 Promo Lets You Get More Data for the Same Price

Additional 5GB for a Limited Time Only

Do you already have a GOMO SIM card, and you either 1) need to top up or 2) want to have as much data as possible? While the Php 199 SIM promo has ended, GOMO has a special 2.2 promo starting TODAY until February 4.

For the said time period, GOMO’s usual Php 299 top up will give you 30GB worth of data–5GB more than their usual 25GB data allocation for the same price. This promo offers even better value for money, as GOMO’s data allocation does not expire (though you need to top up or do any activity, ie. converting data into calls and text within 1 year), and this makes this an ideal back up data SIM in case your main internet at home bogs down or you are on the field with no WiFi network in sight.

Puchasing the data promo is simple: from the GOMO app, you go to the Shop tab, where you will find the banner 30GB 2.2 promo on its landing page. Click on that, and choose either GCash, credit card, or debit card as your mode of payment. You will get a prompt from the payment page once your purchase is successful, and you can see the 30GB data allocation added to your account on the GOMO app homepage.

While the promo is only available until February 4, you can stack multiple 30GB data packs if you need copious amount of data for your internet (both LTE and 5G) needs. Aside from the data pack, the 2.2 promo also applies when you plan to buy a new GOMO SIM card as well, though you might have to wait, as delivery times are longer than usual because of immense demand.

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