Google Launches Three New Photo-and-Video Focused Apps

by Duey Guison  December 12, 2017

Aimed to experiment on new tech

Google continues to think of new apps that will improve the way people create content with their smartphones. With the launch of these new apps, Google wants people to find creative ways in taking photos and videos. Check out the three apps Google has in store:

Storyboard is a video-focused app that transforms your videos into a single-page comic book layout. It takes inspiration from Prisma, an app that transforms photos into art through the use of different special effects. Right now, Storyboard is available for Android as of the meantime.


Selfissimo! is a selfie-focused app that takes multiple black and white photos while you look at the camera. Basically, the app snaps selfies every time you stop moving–which should be able to get flattering selfies and modelesque as much as possible. Unlike Storyboard, Selfissimo! is available for both Android and iOS


Scrubbies, like Storyboard, is focused more on video but has a different function. It basically works like Boomerang (where you create looping videos), but with Scrubbies, you have the freedom to choose which parts of the video do you like to do a looping video. To sum it up, Scrubbies lets you be a “DJ” in remixing videos. Right now, Scrubbies is only available on iOS.

While Google is not new in creating apps like this, it is interesting to see that the tech giant is exploring innovation on the software side. Who knows: They might make it to Android Oreo, or Android P perhaps.


Source: TechCrunch


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