Here’s Grab’s Statement On NPC’s Suspension of its Upcoming Features

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Assures that they will address all of NPC’s concerns

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) recently issued a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to Grab, ordering the suspension of two of its upcoming features: selfie verification and audio-video recordings of Grab rides. In its statement yesterday, NPC said that they are concerned about the privacy of Grab’s users, adding that the ride-hailing app did not assess the risks of its data subjects.

As a response, Grab said that they will be cooperating with NPC by submitting all necessary documents and add additional measures to comply with NPC’s standards. Read Grab’s full statement below:

The passenger selfie feature and pilot study for in-car audio and video recording were introduced as pioneering safety technology features with the aim of further protecting our ride hailing community. These features follow the legal criteria for lawful processing of data.

However, we recognize the mandate of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) to protect user privacy. Passenger selfie feature and audio and video recording pilot have been temporarily suspended as we work with NPC to address their concerns.

We will fully cooperate with NPC in providing necessary supporting documents to adhere to their standards, implement additional corrective measures, and ensure that NPCs expectations and our approach for safety are mutually understood.



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