How to Get Secretary Bong Go to Selfie Photobomb Your Profile Pic

by Carlo Ople  November 15, 2017

My new Profile Pic on Facebook

This is Why the Internet is Awesome

Secretary Bong Go is LEGEND. He’s been doing selfie photobombs with the top leaders of the world ever since President Duterte was elected in 2016. This ASEAN was no exception. His most viral selfie was when he took a selfie photobomb during the first meeting of US President Donald Trump with President Duterte. That photo was picked up by various media outlets as the first official photo of the two sitting Presidents. Now the good news is you can include yourself in the long list of world leaders and celebrities that Sec. Bong Go has Selfie Photobombed.

All you have to do is go to the SAP Bong Go Facebook Page (unofficial obviously) and then scroll down to the first post. It should have an “update your frame” option. Click that and upload a photo you want Sec. Bong Go to Selfie Photobomb.

To make it easier for you guys we’ve embedded the actual post below.

So there you have it. Thank you Sec. Bong Go for being you. Cheers!

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