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Here’s What You Need To Know About Huawei’s App Gallery

screenshot of the huawei app gallery

No Google, no problem

It’s no secret that Huawei has been spending a lot of money in R&D, but not many people know that they’ve also been investing quite a bit on the software side of things. AppGallery is Huawei’s mobile app distribution platform that ships with every Huawei phone, and today we’ll be taking a deep dive into what AppGallery actually is, and how it benefits Huawei users worldwide.

huawei store in the philippines

What exactly is AppGallery?

Like we said earlier, AppGallery is Huawei’s mobile app distribution platform created by the company a few years ago. It’s another place where you can grab Android applications from, which is pretty handy now because of the current circumstances Huawei finds itself in.

Right now it has over 45,000 apps (as of November 2019) as well as 390 million monthly active users worldwide.

It’s growing at a massive pace

Contrary to popular belief, Huawei’s AppGallery isn’t just a slapdash attempt to try and replace Google Play – the Chinese company has actually been working on it and the infrastructure that powers it, Huawei Mobile Services, for years. HMS is a direct equivalent of Google Mobile Services that are found on many mobile phones today which provides the backbone for apps to work.

Because of the changing mobile landscape, Huawei has invested heavily in HMS and its app gallery as well, pouring around $30 billion for investments related to HMS.

huawei app gallery announcement

It spells big money for app developers

If you’re an app developer, you may actually hit it big with AppGallery and Huawei’s HMS. The company is allocating around $1 billion for app developers in the form of marketing support and other incentives to port over their apps to AppGallery.

And while the company’s strongest developer base is still in China where Google Play hasn’t been a thing for a number of years now, Huawei is going country to country to entice developers to port over their apps to AppGallery.

Huawei’s APAC 2019 Developer Day in Singapore back in November is just the start, with the company targeting multiple roadshows in APAC countries like the Philippines to entice more developers and local talent to create and port their apps over to AppGallery.

You can easily transfer your apps from your previous phone via AppGallery

If you’re shifting to say, a Mate 30 or a Mate 30 Pro from a previous device, you don’t have to worry about not having your apps on your new device.

You can simply use the Phone Clone app from a Mate 30 or a Mate 30 Pro (or any Huawei phone), get the QR code then start migrating your apps over.

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