Huawei’s New Member Center App Dangles Lazada, Premium App Freebies To Drive Membership

The company’s latest push includes plenty of freebies

Huawei is strengthening its app ecosystem in the Philippines by introducing two of its services in the country.

Huawei Mobile Cloud is the company’s own consumer cloud service, allowing Huawei smartphone owners a space to upload their files and photos securely for storage and backup.

Huawei’s Member’s Center meanwhile, is an exclusive member center that is part of the company’s push for users to switch to App Gallery, their own answer to Google Play.

Member Center has plenty of juicy deals for Huawei owners, including generous credits for Huawei Points to use to buy premium apps, a free Php 500 cash voucher for Lazada as well as multiple freebies in apps and games found in App Gallery.

Huawei’s push for an independent app store comes after they were locked out of using Google’s Play Services because of the US-China trade war. The company was essentially placed in a US Blacklist, forbidding any US-based company like Google to transfer technology without the US government’s explicit permission.

While Huawei has announced that their Huawei Mobile Cloud and Huawei Member Center is coming “soon” during their APAC 2019 Developer Day in Singapore today, it’s already available on our Mate 30.


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