Instagram Wants You to Be More Creative with Stories

by Duey Guison  May 1, 2019

And they want you to not fret on likes

Instagram is the go-to platform for most influencers, creators, and businesses these days. Acknowledging this, Facebook announced that it will be revamping Instagram’s camera with a new Create mode. With this feature, users can make creative content from scratch without the need to upload an existing photo or video. The feature is geared towards Stories, where Instagram is getting its fair share of popularity.

Aside from the new Create feature, Instagram confirmed that they are testing a feature where public like counts are hidden. The feature will initially roll out in Canada and will hide likes in the feed, permalinked pages, and on profiles.

Instagram’s plan to hide public like counts—on top of introducing new tools for Stories—is a welcome development for the social media platform as they want to encourage their users to create quality and meaningful content instead of focusing on metrics alone.


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