Is Disney+ Coming to the Philippines This Year?

by Duey Guison  October 4, 2021

Following the news of Disney channels being pulled out of the Philippines a few days ago, there have been reports that the country might be getting Disney’s streaming service in exchange for all those Disney channels that were pulled out from all major cable providers in the Southeast Asia region.

In a tweet we spotted, we got reports that Disney+ is set to launch soon in the Philippines and Vietnam. Hotstar will be the one bringing Disney+ to our shores, while Disney Asia Group will be the one handling Disney+ for Vietnam. In addition to that, the tweet also mentions that both countries might get access to Disney+ as early as December 2021.

If that is not enough, we spotted the official Disney+ Instagram account for the Philippines, which is currently in private as of this writing.

Announced in 2019, Disney+ is set to rival Netflix in the streaming service business, with its biggest strength being its broad portfolio of Disney and Marvel shows, on top of movies from Pixar and National Geographic. Disney made its first big hit with original TV series The Mandalorian, which is part of the Star Wars universe.

In the US, Disney+ is priced at $6.99/month(~Php 400) or $69.99/year(~Php 3.7k), which makes it competitively priced against Netflix. In the Philippines, the basic Netflix plan is priced at Php 369/mo while the standard plan is priced at Php 459/mo.

Disney should be making announcements regarding Disney+ in the coming weeks, so we will wait and see if these rumors are indeed true.

UPDATE: You can now sign up for updates here, which means that Disney+ is coming very soon to the country.

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