Justin Timberlake and Sting

Justin Timberlake and Sting

We recently bought the Justin Timberlake Future Love Concert DVD (Madison Square Garden) and Sting’s Live Concert in Berlin. The two artists are completely different performers. They have radically different styles and ways to entertain. However both of them deliver powerful, emotional, and phenomenal shows. The ones that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life if you attend. They represent the highest level of performance from two different generations and it’s just a cool experience watching the two.

Sting is more of a stand and deliver kind of singer belting out beautiful harmonies while backed up by a full orchestra. It’s music at a completely different level compared to what we hear from a lot of musicians from this generation. If you don’t believe me then please do watch this clip of him performing Desert Rose during his Berlin concert.

It’s interesting that Sting can’t dance to save his life in this video, lol. His clapping is also very awkward. However you can’t deny that the performance was just superb! In fact if Sting ever comes to the Philippines I will make it a point to buy front row tickets.

On the other hand we have pop idol Justin Timberlake. This guy isn’t just about singing as you’ll see in the video below of his performance of My Love. He fuses dancing, playing different instruments, and interacting with his back-up to come up with the whole package.

Personally I won’t pay to watch Justin just sing. That’s the main reason why we didn’t watch him when he came to the Philippines with Timbaland. However if it’s going to be something like the concert above then I’m 100% sold!

You can’t really say that Sting is better than Justin or Justin is better than Sting. The two are different artists with different talents but both are waaaay up there when it comes to the quality of music they produce.

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