Meta.Us to Host DOTA 2 Open League in the Philippines

Meta.Us to Host DOTA 2 Open League in the Philippines

As part of its push to promote Esports at the grassroots level, Meta.Us announced that it will be hosting a DOTA 2 tournament in the Philippines. With JBL as their official partner, the tournament will span 6 months long and will consist of three categories: Open League, Junior League, and Senior League. The tournament is also Meta.Us’ way of discovering unknown talent, where winners will get a chance to be coached by the TNC Pro DOTA 2 team.

To ensure constant content during the tournament period, Meta.Us will be holding weekly recaps, highlights and player interviews done by some of the most well-known Dota 2 personalities in the Philippines.

The Open League will kick off on August 6, where a Php 2,500 prize pool is at stake every week, along with JBL Quantum headsets up for grabs. Those competing in the Open League can rack up points in order to qualify for the higher Junior and Senior Leagues for bigger prizes.

“We started to give gamers— regardless of their status or experience— a chance to grow and an opportunity to make it big in the world of esports. With this Dota 2 tournament series, we’re giving Filipinos those same opportunities,” founder and CEO Alan Chou said.

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