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Mineski and PCCL Kick Off Inter-School eSports Program


PCCL Chairman Rey Gamboa, PCCL eSports President Chot Reyes, and Mineski Global CEO Ronald Robins.

The partnership covers beyond eSports tournaments

After signing a partnership for collegiate eSports programs, Mineski Global and PCCL announced that they will kick off their partnership by unveiling two eSports program: a National Interschool Cyber League (NICL) and a multi-pronged Youth eSports Program (YEP).

Mineski Global CEO Ronald Robins

For both programs, PCCL will offer member schools a chance to participate in the NICL and join the YEP, with Mineski Global helping PCCL in crafting both programs. “eSports is more inclusive than other sports, and will help lead even more of our new generation to play competitively and responsibly in tournaments and engage in activities at par with the rest of the world,” PCCL Chairman Rey Gamboa said.

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Aside from tournaments, Mineski Global is working on a range of campus activities for students that include training, coaching, and development of a career in eSports. Tanauan, Batangas-based  First Asian Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH) Academy will be one of the pioneer schools that will participate in Mineski Global and PCCL’s YEP. “eSports advances not just skills but also values of hard work and determination among all players,” Mineski Global CEO Ronald Robins said. 

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