Morgul Lord 1/6th Scale Figure from Lord of the Rings by Asmus Toys

Morgul Lord 1/6th Scale Figure from Lord of the Rings by Asmus Toys


The Witch King!

The Morgul Lord, more commonly known as the Witch King, is the greatest servant of Sauron. He’s actually called the “Morgul Lord” because he was the master of the city fortress of Mordor, Minas Morgul. This was the structure that spewed the army that assaulted the human kingdom of Gondor (which almost fell if not for Rohan and the Fellowship). The Morgul Lord was the Ringwraith that led the attack. He was not only responsible for almost razing Gondor to the ground, he was also the one that slayed King Theoden of Rohan. The Morgul Lord is without a doubt one of the most iconic villains in Middle Earth!

Ever since we started our 1/6th scale figure collection we’ve always been hoping to be able to get characters from Lord of the Rings. When ASMUS Toys announced that they bagged the 1/6th scale license for LoTR we were stoked! The Morgul Lord is actually the first figure in the series and it was followed by Gothmog, the ugly Orc lieutenant of the Morgul Lord. Gandalf the White Wizard is still on pre-order but he should be in the market in a few months.

We were a bit hesitant to buy since it wasn’t made by our favorite 1/6th scale manufacturer, Hot Toys. We decided to take the dive though when we saw it was getting pretty good reviews online and the pictures came out on the web. It turned out to be a great decision because the figure just kicks epic ass!

The Morgul Lord!
The Morgul Lord!

The figure stands around 12-inches tall and comes with a variety of hand pegs and weapons. The body is made from Kaustic Plastik KP01A and it has over 36 points of articulation. What makes it stand out is that they actually used REAL metal for some pieces of the armor, including the super iconic Witch King helmet! He also has armor pieces for his shoulder, biceps, forearms, thighs, calfs, feet, and hands.

All metal baby.
All metal baby.
Look at the detail on the hands! Amazing.
Look at the detail on the hands! Amazing.

For the clothes the figure has the infamous black hood, a long sleeved undervest, underpants, and a mix of inner and outer garments that have a weathered and “dirty” effect. The dirt on his robes match the muddy soil base which also comes in the box. It also has a belt with a holder for the sheath of the Morgul Lord’s sword.

Speaking of weapons, Morgul Lord has three. There’s the inflamed Witch King sword, the generic Witch King sword (with sheath), and the wickedly cruel Witch King mace (complete with chain). You can imagine how fun it is to pose this figure right? Well imagine no more! Here’s a bunch of pics! Hehe.





Just epic. Can’t wait to get the other characters from the movie!

The Morgul Lord 1/6th scale figure sells within the range of Php7,000-Php8,000 in different toy stores in Greenhills.

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