Order & Chaos Online (iOS MMORPG)

Order & Chaos Online (iOS MMORPG)

To all the hardcore gamers out there who own iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) you might want to take a look at Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Online. As of today it’s the closest thing you’ll have to World of Warcraft that you can play on your mobile devices. The game features are very similar — you pick from four races (human, undead, orc, elf), pick a class, and then level-up and try to save the world. Of course there’s also PVP.

Order & Chaos pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming

Order & Chaos is currently on sale for just $0.99. There’s a monthly subscription of $1.00. Not that expensive if you ask me considering this is a fully packed MMORPG! Here’s the promotional trailer so you guys get a better idea of the graphics and animations:

We’re currently playing the game so we’ll probably come out with a full review sometime this week.

Via Apple Manila

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