Raffy Tulfo thinks Gov’t Should Conduct Study on Mobile Legends Addiction

Raffy Tulfo thinks Gov’t Should Conduct Study on Mobile Legends Addiction

Without a doubt, Mobile Legends is one of the most popular mobile games with Filipinos. Young and old, student or yuppie, masa or burgis, practically everyone is playing this game, fostering new friendships and (unfortunately) fights between players. With phones being more affordable and more powerful, Filipinos get to enjoy playing such games anywhere they are—as long as they have a decent internet connection.

While it is one of the games that is part of esports, broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo is wondering when one should draw the line between casual playing and addiction to the game. In the July 17 episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, Tulfo talked to a couple whose relationship was shattered due to the wife’s addiction to Mobile Legends. After talking to the couple, Tulfo aired his opinion—one that is not favorable to some—that the government should consider doing a study on videogame addiction.

Mas marami bang nasisira ang buhay dahil sa ML o mas maraming gumaganda ang buhay?” Tulfo asked, adding that some benefitted from playing Mobile Legends through competitive esports tournaments. “Dapat ‘pag nag-ML kayo, past-time lang. ‘Wag yung all-out na halos wala na kayong makain.

While Tulfo is not suggesting to outright ban the game in the country, he suggests that the government should weigh in the pros and cons of playing similar games—and to when one can differentiate a hobby to a full-fledged addiction.


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