Star Wars Battlefront Beta Will Be Available To Everyone, Has Offline Mode


You can check out the biggest game of the year without pre-ordering

Excited to blast the crap out of those rebel scum when the new Star Wars: Battlefront releases this November 17? Not sure if your PC can handle all the awesomeness that the game has to offer? Well, we have good news – EA has announced that the beta for Star Wars: Battlefront will be absolutely free for everyone, and does not require pre-purchase to unlock.


That’s good news for PC, XBOX One and PS4 fans that have been raring to play as either the Rebellion or the Empire in EA and DICE’s newest game. That’s not all – DICE has also announced that the game isn’t just a multiplayer beta – there’s also an offline mode dubbed Survival that allows you to play alone to check out the world DICE is building for you.

If you want to try out the game’s crazy online multiplayer, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll also include the crazy, 40-player Walker Assault map on Hoth (that’s linked above) along with the Drop Zone game mode on Sullust.


Unfortunately there’s on firm release date on the Beta as of yet, but don’t you worry – we’ll update you once they announce the date.


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