Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-Ray)

by  August 26, 2011

Star Wars: The Complete Saga coming in Blu-Ray!

September is just around the corner and for any Star Wars fan it only means one thing: BLU-RAYS. ALL. SIX. EPISODES! Aside from the gorgeous 1080p and awesome speaker-pounding surround sound that it comes with, what else can we expect from the epicness (at least a vast majority of the episodes) that are from far, far away?

For starters how about getting 3 additional discs of bonus materials including deleted, extended and/or alternate scenes for each Episodes. Then given that Star Wars is one of those phenomenal films that not only defined a generation but continues to be part of a thriving living culture (geekdom), we get to see documentaries, tributes and even funny spoofs of our favorite Jedi’s and Siths.

It was also reported that Lucas, as annoyingly anal as he is, again re-tinkered with some scenes from his prequel to give it a much modern update (remember the new A New Hope? Yeah, Han shot first, we all know it, move on George). However not all of those re-tinkering might be for the worse like say replacing puppet Yoda from Phantom Menace with a more likeable CGI version we see from Episode 2 and 3.

Check the clips below for a comparison:

and the newer, sleeker Yoda:

WHOA!!!!! And yes, we are all well aware of Frank Oz’s puppetry contribution but hey, if this improves continuity I won’t fault the guys at ILM for pushing for a CGI Yoda on Episode 1.

This massive 9-disc set is set to launch on September 16 in the US and retails for around $90 dollars in Unfortunately for us that means a much more expensive box-set (give or take around Php5,000-Php6,000) but if you’re one with the force, I’m pretty sure that figure is pretty easy to cough up…and…these are not the droids you are looking for. *Jedi mind trick hand-wave*

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