Tencent Silently Releases PUBG Mobile Lite

Chicken Dinner for Budget Phones

To cater to phones with modest specs, Tencent silently released a lightweight version of PUBG Mobile called PUBG Mobile lite at the Google Play Store. Unlike its big brother, the lite version weighs in at 250mb.

The small game size comes with several adjustments: Gameplay is limited to a 2kmx2km Erangel map, and up to 40 players can play at a time. Graphics settings are fixed, and you’ll have to make a separate account for it; you can’t use your PUBG Mobile account, so you’ll have to grind a bit to dress up your character.

Check out some screenshots of PUBG Mobile Lite:

In testing the game, we used Cherry Mobile’s Omega HD Duo as our test device. During our test, gameplay is slightly laggy, but that did not stop us finish a run with a Chicken Dinner outcome. Throughout the gameplay the Omega HD Duo was slightly warm but very bearable.

Being a beta version, we noticed bugs and glitches throughout the game. Tencent is expected to fix these issues. Nonetheless, we laud Tencent’s move for making their popular game playable even on budget phones.

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