Titos and Titas Rejoice: IKEA is Finally Coming to the Philippines

by Duey Guison  November 20, 2018

Operations start by end of 2020

It is official: Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA will be opening a shop in the Philippines.Today, they have confirmed that their first store will be at SM Mall of Asia, spanning 65,000 square meters–or roughly the size of 150 basketball courts.

The giant store will carry 9,000 products, and aims to cater to 5 million households. Aside from the store, the complex will house an E-commerce shop, a children’s playroom, and an integrated call center. They also launched a pre-opening website to build up the hype.

Ikea Southeast Asia will invest Php 7 billion for the store, and will offer 500 jobs to Filipinos. “The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people, so we are excited to be bringing our offer to a country where millions of people share our passion for home,” said Christian Rojkjaer, IKEA Southeast Asia managing director.

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    Ikea is king. Good that they will be offering additional jobs for the filipinos. build build build.