Why Should You Get the Latest BPI Mobile App

This is the future of banking

In this digital age, most banks work hard to make transactions more convenient for their clients. One way to do this is to create reliable mobile and web apps, where clients can access the requisite details of their enrolled accounts and make transactions at the same time.

BPI has made improvements to its mobile app and online platform, which now have a minimalist design along with improved security features. After re-launching it early this year, BPI added a few more features to its app as part of its push for a cashless economy.

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We tried out BPI’s updated version of the app, and we give props to them for the improvements.

Here are some of the new features we tried out:

Security logins via fingerprint/face recognition

Instead of fumbling as you type your password, you can use your phone’s biometrics feature to log in to your account. It is secure and convenient, especially if you want to quickly check your accounts. Aside from biometrics, you only need to get an OTP sent to your registered phone to verify account changes.


Transfer via QR code

You no longer have to look inside the app to find the “transfer via QR code” feature because BPI has placed it conveniently at the app’s splash page. With this feature, you can transfer funds to any BPI account without worrying about inputting the wrong account number.

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This new feature gives you a secure and more convenient alternative to branch banking. Instead of having to queue at the branch, you can easily transfer funds with just a few taps on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Prepaid phone reloading

BPI also released an expanded list of prepaid merchants, which now enables you to load to all networks. The app used to support only Globe and Touch Mobile, but now you can load prepaid mobile numbers from Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun using funds from your enrolled account. You just need to input the mobile number and the amount, then do the usual verification process to complete the transaction. Aside from load options, you can avail of call/text/internet/roaming bundles as well.

Prepaid account reloading

Aside from loading prepaid numbers, you can use your BPI mobile app to load your Meralco and Cignal prepaid accounts using the same procedure. For Cignal, you also have the option to use your BPI account to do advance payments or pay for add-ons like Pay-Per-View.

The new BPI Mobile app is available in Google Play and App store.


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