Your Dream To Be The Best Needs To Wait – Pokémon Go Access Blocked In PH [Update: May Be Server Related]

by John Nieves  July 7, 2016


Yesterday the Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs released the much awaited augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, and the internet went wild. While the release went live only for some countries including Australia, folks could still access the game via sideloading the APK, thus fulfilling their childhood dream of catching a Magikarp in Manila Bay. Or not.

Unfortunately, things have taken a terrible, terrible turn, at least for people who want to keep catching virtual fantasy animals and battling them Micheal Vick style – Pokémon Go access has seemingly been blocked in the PH. You can still sideload the app and it’ll still run, but you won’t see any Pokémon to catch or shops – just a desolate wasteland of shattered childhood dreams. It seems like Niantic has noticed a sudden influx of users not coming from the official release markets and have blocked access, so you won’t be able to cruise through EDSA and poke your phone out to capture an errant Pikachu.

Here’s to hoping Niantic opens up access to SEA and PH soon – there’s a lot of sad trainers today.

[UPDATE] We may have spoken too soon – some users are reporting they’re able to access and catch Pokémon in the PH, and the issue may just be because of thousands of people hammering Niantic’s servers as the game picks up. That means there’s still a chance that Pokémon Go is usable, though to be fair it’s not supposed to launch in our market just yet. For us, the game still isn’t loading anything whatever we do – what’s your experience? Is Pokémon Go still working for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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    I saw lots of pinoy post in fb catching pokemons already even in their rooms. I dont think its blocked. Plus can you please post a source link on your blog from the pokemon site regarding this? Thanks.

    i think eto yung first pokemon mo. kahit san ka eh lalabas sila. kakadl ko lang kaninang 8am pero di ko pa natry extensively. after ko mahuli yung first pokemon eh nagquit na ko kasi mala-late na ako.

    Player reports. That’s why we said seemingly in the article, and asked people if they still have access. Most of the people I know that downloaded the game can’t see anything.

    Is there any chance that phones with Intel chips could play this game? So sad right now.

    – Zenfone 2 user. :'(

    Working but just a desolated map. Damn wish they’ll open it here in PH too. Childhood dream will remain a dream for now.