YouTube Tweaks Video Resolution Settings For Mobile

If you are one of those who loves watching YouTube videos on a tablet or a phone, you might notice that YouTube did a few changes when it comes to video settings. While the original settings include having different video resolutions, the updated version is simplified, having Auto, Higher Picture Quality, Data Saver, and Advanced.

While Auto is self-explanatory (and is always the default setting when watching videos), Higher Picture Quality gives you a higher resolution (usually 1080p upwards) while consuming more data. Data Saver, on the other hand, lowers picture quality (usually 480p and below) to conserve data–which is useful especially in areas where data connectivity is limited.

As for the old video resolution settings, it is now tucked in the Advanced setting, where you can choose a variety of video resolutions. Do note that all of these selections apply only to the current video. If you want a fixed setting for all videos, you will have to go to Video Quality Preferences under the settings menu.

Like in the video resolution setting per video, the Video Quality preferences offer you three presets for both WiFi and mobile data, simplifying how you desire to stream videos. While the updated settings mean that you have to do a few more steps to stream at your desired video resolution, YouTube’s new implementation is meant more for those who are conscious of their data consumption and want the get the most out of it.

Do note that this change in YouTube video settings only applies to the mobile apps. Those watching via web browser are not affected by this change, though YouTube may implement the same settings in the future. Currently, the update is being rolled out gradually, so you may need to update your Android or iOS YouTube app to see the new changes in video settings.

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