Yes, The Grab 11.11 Promo Lets You Book A Ride For 11 Pesos

Yes, The Grab 11.11 Promo Lets You Book A Ride For 11 Pesos

If you think we’re joking with this, it’s far from April Fools’ Day. Grab really is running an 11.11 promo that will allow users to book a ride for 11 pesos, regardless of destination.

To celebrate 11.11 with the countless sales happening around the country, the company wanted to give a little something to its users.



If you haven’t booked a GrabCar since October 11, 2021 then you’re in luck. The participating areas are Metro Manila, Cebu, Pampanga and Bacolod. All you have to do is use the promo code SULIT11 when booking the ride.

Other conditions for the ride include:

  • It must be on a weekday
  • Valid time slots are (10 AM-4 PM, 8 PM-11:59 PM)
  • Promo is only available from November 11-30
  • Can only be redeemed once per user

As mentioned previously, if you fulfill all these conditions then you should be able to take a Grab to any destination within those target locations for only 11 pesos, on or after 11.11.

Whether the purpose is as simple as a trip to the mall, visiting loved ones, or a leisurely stroll at a park, we hope you use this opportunity to treat yourselves. Don’t forget to stay safe though!

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