Cherry Collaborates With Tokidoki For Their Personal Air Purifiers

Cherry Collaborates With Tokidoki For Their Personal Air Purifiers

Cherry kicks off the year with a fun collaboration with the global lifestyle brand, Tokidoki on their wearable air purifiers, a staple of the new normal. The Japan-inspired kawaii aesthetics of Tokidoki makes its appearance on Cherry’s wearable air purifier, a product line that previously featured the art of Heart Evangelista.

This collaboration brings us a limited edition line of Tokidoki-fied Cherry Ion wearable purifiers. These cute and punked-out Tokidoki designs lets it user stand out, a sharp contrast to our masked personas during the new normal. The Cherry X Tokidoki limited-edition personal wearable air purifiers are on par with the earlier-released designs, giving you protection for up to 12 hours from bacteria, germs, allergens, and other airborne viruses with its 200 million/cm3 negative ions. It also helps you avoid colds, flu, hay fever, and asthma and is even proven to relieve stress.

There are 7 different eye-catching designs to choose from, most of which feature Tokidoki staple characters likes Unicorno and Donutella. Design options include All Stars, California Dreamin’, PunkStar, Donutella, Tokidoki Girls, Unicorno, and Rainforest. These fashion statement air-purifiers are being sold at Php 3,500 each.

If these Tokidoki air-purifiers are too cute for your tastes, Cherry also released new limited-edition colors to choose from such as White-Blue, White-Red, White-Green, Black-Yellow, and Black-Red. These designs are available at P3,199.

Apart from the Cherry Shop, Lazada, and Shopee, the Cherry Ion x Tokidoki limited edition air purifier is also available at Secret Fresh.

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