Xiaomi’s Mi Backpack is A Stylish Bag For Techies

Xiaomi’s Mi Backpack is A Stylish Bag For Techies


By: Richmond Li Tan

Yes, Xiaomi also makes backpacks

Just when you thought that Xiaomi is all about smartphones and nothing but smartphones, guess again. The company has already shown their willingness to try different things, shown by their powerstrip, powerbanks, Tvs and even an air purifier. But even though the company makes a whole lot of non-smartphone related things, none of us would have imagined that they also make a backpack.


But that’s exactly what they did. The Mi Backpack is essentially that – a backpack. It’s made from 100% cotton and looks pretty sturdy. The seams are pretty well sewn and the zipper doesn’t look to be made from cheap materials. The backpack features Mi livery, and is a must buy for any Xiaomi fan out there.


The bag is pretty simple, and comes in two colors: beige and black. The outside pocket contains a Mi Pad, while the inside pocket has a sleeve to put in your notebook, as well as enough storage space for all of your other stuff.



As nice as the Mi Backpack is, it’s only avaialbe in China for an affordable RMB 79, which comes out to around Php 600 here.

By: Richmond Li Tan


A licensed mechanical engineer, a masters of business administration graduate, a businessman at day, and a tech enthusiast at night. Loves to explore new gadgets available in the market, always strives to be the first to land something new in the Philippines.




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