Devant leads the Philippines for World TV Day Celebration

Devant leads the Philippines for World TV Day Celebration

Devant is taking the lead in celebrating World TV Day in the Philippines on November 21. World TV Day, if you didn’t know, is a celebration of how the television has grown to become the global ambassador for entertainment, a status given to the TV by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996.

While the impact of TV has lessened since the advent of online entertainment, many of us still have fond memories of it as a tool that bonded us with our families, neighbors, and friends. Before the advent of widespread internet and social media, the TV was our gateway to news and entertainment.

For this year’s world TV Day celebrations, Devant plans to honor all the great things that television has given us over the last century by giving back. With the help of netizens, the brand hopes to bring the joy of TV to two partner charities – CRIBS Foundation, which provides care and shelter for neglected and abandoned infants and children, and Golden Reception for the Elderly and Other Special Cases (GRACES), which provides a friendly and home-like atmosphere to vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized senior citizens and other special cases.

Devant invites everyone to take part in this celebration by simply liking and sharing the World TV Day post on Devant’s Official Facebook Page. Devant aims to reach 5,000 post likes on this post by December 21, 2020, in order to take part in sharing the gift of learning and entertainment with these charitable institutions.

Together let’s celebrate World TV Day and make it a meaningful one by liking to give back with Devant.

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