Audio-Technica SJ55 Headphones Giveaway Winner

Audio-Technica SJ55 Headphones Giveaway Winner

ATH-SJ55 and the ATHSJ-11!

First let me thank everybody who joined our Audio-Technica SJ55 Headphones Raffle! We received over 200 entries for this contest and it was a very interesting experience to read through the comments. As promised in our mechanics as long as you answered the question you’re qualified for the raffle. So without further delay allow me to announce the new owner of ATH-SJ55 Headphones!

Via electronic raffle:

Annalyn Koa

Listening to my iPod as I create my latest cakes for my pastry business is pure bliss for me. With my Bossa Nova tunes, I can imagine how my customers would enjoy the cakes that I am carefully crafting for them. With work as my life right now, music is definitely an integral part of my lifestyle!

Since there were a lot of good entries we did a second raffle. This time we picked around 20 of the top entries (based on answers) and we raffled our last remaining Audio-Technica SJ11. The winner:

Carlo Miguel Castaneda

As a child, my parents had music playing as they put me to sleep. My dad plays guitar and my mom used to sing me to sleep. I grew up on music and I can’t live without it. I listen to just about anything, showtunes, pop, techno… I’ve got playlists for just about anything, particularly during long commutes.

My taste in music is beyond eclectic, and I’ve burned through about three or more micro SD cards because I can’t stuff enough music into them. I burn through about as many earphones every few months because I use them all through the night.

Music’s also what kept me going past the worst breakup of my life… Blocking out the pain and the loneliness, I only ever turn the music off when I’m with my family… It’s made the process of moving on easier. I listened to Train and Maroon 5 a lot over the past three months and it’s helped me move on.

I have a tendency to imagine things when listening to music, and I rather dislike it when I can hear people talking over the sound of my own little world. Having a pair of Audio-Technica SJ55 Headphones would DEFINITELY help me lose myself to the music.

Congratulations to the winners! Please check your Facebook for a PM on how you can claim the prizes.


We’re giving away Audio-Technica M50 headphones! Click HERE to read more about our new giveaway!

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