OnePlus 6T Gets High Marks In DxOMark

by John Nieves  December 21, 2018

Respectable score from a great phone

Camera benchmarking site DxOMark has finally gotten their hands on a OnePlus 6T, and unsurprisingly the phone that we found to be the best device to buy in the Php 30,000 to Php 39,999 price range shoots photos really good.

How good? Well, the OnePlus 6T managed to nab an overall score of 98, with the photo score coming in at 101 points while its video marks are at 91. For reference, the OnePlus 6T is tied with Google’s Pixel 2, and is one point away from Xiaomi’s Mi 8 (which kind of explains why the Mi 8 Pro which has essentially the same cameras came out on top of our blind camera test).

DxOMark praised the autofocus, dynamic range and depth estimation in bokeh mode, though gave the phone negative marks for noise in low-light shots, violet white balance as well as ringing, ghosting, and color inconsistency in high dynamic scenes.

You can see DxOMark’s full review of the phone’s camera here.

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