Sony’s Mobile Division Lost Almost Half A Billion Dollars in Q2 2018

by John Nieves  November 2, 2018

The mobile division is just dead weight at this point

Sony has officially posted its quarterly earnings report for its fiscal Q2 2018. As a whole the company is doing very well, but one part of the conglomerate is dragging the entire company down.

Sony’s Mobile Division has lost an astounding amount of money this year – around $480 million – compared to last year’s $100 million loss.

In fact, Sony’s terrible showing in its Mobile Division has managed to swamp the company’s $317 million year-on-year gain of its gaming division, which includes all things PlayStation.

As it stands, Sony’s Mobile Division is dragging down the company’s gains for its other divisions. Sony won’t be able to sustain a half a billion loss indefinitely, and the folks over in Tokyo will now have to face a hard decision whether to keep or kill its struggling mobile division that keeps losing them money.


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