Google Launches COVID-19 Search Hub

Google Launches COVID-19 Search Hub

To help everyone get the most accurate information about the coronavirus strain

Google joins the growing number of tech brands working on combatting COVID-19 through the power of information. Activated when you search for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19”, the hub gives an overview of COVID-19 updates depending on the country.

Aside from updates, the hub also has a quick overview of symptoms, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19 based on information gathered from credible sources. Together with the hub, Google is also working on a dedicated site about COVID-19 that aims to educate everyone about the virus. The site currently caters to the US as of this writing, though Google is expected to expand the site to cover other countries especially those badly affected by the virus.

Through these efforts, Google hopes that everyone gets nothing but the right, accurate, and verified information about COVID-19.


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