How To Create Your Own E-Commerce Shop with TackThis

How To Create Your Own E-Commerce Shop with TackThis


Another great option for your E-Commerce dreams

For this weekend, we explore another online shop platform out there: TackThis. While it may have similarities with Shopify (which we talked about last week), TackThis is made in Asia (Shopify is founded in Canada, BTW), offers lower rates, and has TackThis concierge, an online store management service that aims to help you jumpstart your business.

It has small businesses in mind with its prices.


Just like Shopify and Lazada, making your own E-Commerce shop is a breeze. However, to take advantage of TackThis Concierge, you must have the following paperwork (think of Lazada’s requirements before you can become an online seller at their site):

So with that in mind, let’s do a quick run through with the whole sign-up process (TackThis claims you only need three minutes to create an online store with them)

Sign Up

Signing up for TackThis is similar to Shopify, where you give your name, email address, and password. What makes TackThis different is that you can sign up using your Facebook account. It’s pretty convenient if you ask me, as you can make use of your social media account for something productive (and one that does not involve cat memes, lol)

To complete your signup (I used the Facebook signup because it’s convenient), you put your password of choice, your gender, your date of birth, and your country.


After signing up, it’s time to tweak up your store with basic store details (shop name, contact number, and country of operation) and your theme of choice. In case you find some of the themes familiar, that is because a good number of local stores make use of TackThis. Among TackThis’ clients include Digital Walker, Sassa, Xtreme Magic Sing, and VMV Hypoallergenics–proof that TackThis is a reputable and trusted E-commerce platform since it has arrived in the Philippines in 2014.


You can use Digital Walker’s theme as your online shop’s theme!

Fine tune a few details

You will be brought to your own dashboard after the store personalization process. in this page, you get an overview of your store’s performance through analytics tools. Aside from a store setup progress (to remind you of what other things you need to do before launching online), you have an overview of your transactions and customer registration right at your dashboard–which is useful for your internal assessment of your store’s performance.

Another perk with TackThis? Just like WordPress, you can add pages to your site and manage how they appear. Pretty nifty, huh?


See? E-commerce is fun if you ask me. Now I got to think of items to sell before I launch my own E-commerce shop 😉

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