2011 Ford Fiesta

2011 Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta 2011 is probably one of the most “digitally capable” cars in it’s category today. In their Ford Fiesta Sport model you have the “first-in-class” connectivity which lets the car takes voice commands for playing music and placing calls among others. This is a huge plus considering a lot of young professionals have iPods and have the nasty habit of making calls (or texting) when driving. The connection is via bluetooth or USB port. Several reviews say though that the voice commands isn’t all that awesome but you can control the iPod via controls situated on the steering wheel. Even the song details like title and song progress are shown in the LCD!

By the way, you have the option of picking between the 4-door Sedan or Hatchback model for the build. I’m more inclined to go for the Sedan.

Prices are as follows:

Trend 1.4L MT – Php685,000
Trend 1.6L AT – Php766,000
Sport 1.6L AT – Php816,000

Here’s a cool blog post about the Fiesta by Tech and Diving blogger Jayvee Fernandez. You can also check out this blog entry by Yugatech who also tried out the car.

For a review of how the car drives, check out Auto Industriya.

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