2012 Volvo S60 D3 Turbodiesel

The new S60 D3 Turbodiesel


Volvo Philippines is proud to unleash its newest powerful sports sedan—the S60 D3 Turbodiesel.


So what’s special about this car?

The car is definitely a head-turner! It has good traits of what a premium sedan possess. The S60 D3 comes with a 2.0-liter 5-cylinder turbodiesel engine that produces a 160 horsepower accompanied with 400 Nm of torque.

On the road, the S60 D3 has an excellent road handling—due to the enhanced Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) system. Along with the Advanced Stability Control (ASC) and Corner Traction Control (CTC), the DTSC helps prevent fishtails and spinouts.


Beauty and power. The All-New S60 design and performance will make your heart race.


ASC monitors the car’s behavior with high precision to further enhance stability in sharp curves and with rapid lateral movements. CTC by torque vectoring also helps the car pivot around bends with more grace by braking the inner wheel and redistributing engine torque to the outside wheel. It also improves acceleration when turning onto a road with faster traffic. Active Bending Lights with Dual Xenon technology also expand your vision range by 230% when driving in the dark and provides considerably improved illumination around bends at night.


The exterior styling accessories includes a front skid plate, a rear skid plate with visable exhaust pipes (single or double pipes depending on your engine specification), side scuff plates, dual front deco frames (all in matt aluminium finish).


Driving the dynamic S60 makes your heart race with exhilaration and is further pumped up by interior systems that make you a focused—and therefore, better—driver. Volvo’s new driver-control interface called Volvo Sensus, allow you to conveniently explore the hi-tech features of your car and personalize them to suit your needs.


All information is displayed on a high-resolution 5″ or 7″ color screen, which can also display the phone, park assist camera, DVD, digital TV, among others. Everything is conveniently controlled using the ergonomic steering wheel controls—so you can keep your attention on the traffic and your hands on the steering wheel. Above the crisp sound reproduction of the High Performance audio components, the S60’s High Performance Multimedia System’s audio level provides a full 7″ integrated Multimedia color screen. This transforms your Volvo to a complete platform for the latest in-car entertainment, communication and navigation technology. For example, you can watch DVD films or terrestrial TV broadcasts when the car is stationary. Bluetooth® and USB/iPod connectivity further adds to the versatility of this system.



S60's Vibrant Copper metallic color


When it comes to safety, Volvo is one of the pioneers. Aside from the standard City Safety feature, the S60 also features a pedestrian avoidance technology that uses a digital camera and radar to constantly scan the road ahead and warns you when it identifies shapes as people who are at risk in front of your car. More importantly, the system will employ full brake force to stop your vehicle—if you don’t react in time. Volvo calls this Collision Warning with Full-Auto Break and Pedestrian Detection, but you can simply call it another Volvo world-first.


Driving the dynamic S60 makes your heart race with exhilaration


You deserve a car that has been crafted with you in mind. Built with thoughtful details that will keep you and your loved ones safe while making your pulse race, the S60 is one sleek, smart and strong Volvo that is specially designed around you. The Volvo S60 D3 Turbodiesel is priced at Php. 3.095 million.




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