2021 Honda City Hatchback Philippines: A Worthy Successor?

It's coming next week

Looks like it’s now clear why Honda Cars Philippines, Inc (HCPI) decided to discontinue the Jazz in the Philippines – HCPI has officially launched the new 2021 Honda City Hatchback in the country, hoping that it’ll fill the Jazz-filled hole in our hearts right now.  

2021 Honda City Hatchback

As expected, HCPI won’t be revealing many details until the official launch on April 20. For now, we can only expect the upcoming hatchback to be very similar to the Honda City. That said, it should come with the same 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine, producing 119 hp and 145 Nm of torque, mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Although it might come with a 5-speed manual too. And as per usual, it will be front-wheel-drive, economical, and stylish. As for the size, it should be as wide as the Honda City but a tad shorter in length being a hatchback, they should also have the same interior space—legroom, headroom, and shoulder room.

Interestingly, the photos released by HCPI suggest that it will come in an RS variant too. RS trim package includes an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system (with Apple Carplay and Android Auto), reverse camera, accent stitching, and seats made of suede, leather, and cloth. Notably, the actual model in photos has a blacked-out wheel design although a local RS variant has a two-tone wheel design. Just expect the new City Hatch to have the blacked-out wheel design as this is the new trend in making cars look more special-variant.

The best feature that the upcoming City Hatch should have is the Magic Seats. Some models in the Asian region are equipped with this feature, and. is one of the best features of the discontinued Honda Jazz. It makes the second row of the car foldable so as to accommodate large items and create a long and wide cargo area in the back. It can also fold up to accommodate taller goods utilizing the vertical space of the cabin. 

That’s all we know about the upcoming 2021 Honda City Hatchback that’s coming to the Philippines so far. Apparently, just like the model it will replace, there are also lots to love. Will it be a worthy successor to the Jazz? Perhaps – it’s too early to tell. The Jazz leaves a tremendous legacy, and the Honda City Hatchback has big shoes to fill. We’ll see on April 20, 2021, what the new car brings to the table. 

Honda City Hatchback

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