New Toyota Vios GR-S: Reliability and Sportiness Combined

Why Toyota's New Vios GR-S Should Be Your Next Car

The Toyota Vios is a car that needs no introduction. It’s the best-selling sedan in the Philippines for many years now, and for good reason. And it’s only getting better – after Toyota Gazoo Racing made headlines with the GR Yaris, it didn’t take long for Toyota Motor Philippines to incorporate the “GR Spirit” in the new Toyota Vios GR-S.

According to TMP President, Atsuhiro Okamoto, there are 340,000 Vios owners using their trusted and reliable cars every day. And with the Vios GR-S, your daily, mundane commute becomes more exciting, sporty experience – even with the Philippines’ near-legendary traffic jams.  The Toyota Vios GR-S simply gives drivers a next-level thrill and a more pleasurable drive, no matter where they are, no matter if they’re driving on the track or if they’re simply heading home from the office.

The new Toyota Vios GR-S bears the prestigious GR emblem, along with a new sporty front bumper, grille, aero kit, and spoiler. To match the sporty exterior, the model comes with a leather steering wheel, shift lever, and seats in suede-leather combo; all stitched in red color. The engine is made sportier as well with the help of a 10-speed CVT transmission.

Although those are mere additions to the existing Vios, the idea of embellishing the humble Vios still makes a lot of sense. This is because you get to have the all sportiness without compromising reliability, economy, and comfort. Just exactly what TMP wants, and perhaps the very reason why they didn’t make the Vios GR-S as hardcore as the GR Yaris. It’s just impossible to have the best of both worlds—efficiency and performance.

So, is the new Vios worth considering? Definitely, despite the vanilla model being an excellent car as it is. The new sporty variant makes you stand out in the sea Vios and other sedans out in the market, thanks to the superiority that that marvelous GR badge gives you. That lush and sporty interior is going to impress anyone that sees it, and honestly, it’s a GR edition, baby! That alone should be enough.

The new GR Vios is priced at P1,020,000 but an additional P15,000 is required for the elegant “White Pearl Crystal Shine” color. The other colors to choose from are “Black” and “Super Red”. With this newest model, TMP is certainly looking forward to promoting TOYOTA GAZOO Racing products, services, and experiences in the country.

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