DOTr Approves Pilot Operation of Motorcycle Taxis

Angkas is back for real

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced that it has approved the pilot implementation of motorcycle taxi operations.

The pilot run will start in June and will cover Metro Manila and Metro Cebu for six months. DOTr partnered with motorcycle-hailing service Angkas for the pilot run. Under the implementing guidelines, both motorcycle passengers and drivers should comply with safety requirements that include wearing helmets, periodic motorcycle maintenance, and drivers not operating for more than 10 hours in a day. In addition, only Angkas-authorized motorcycle taxis are allowed to operate.

For Metro Manila, the fare will be Php 50 for the first two kilometers, +Php 10/km for up to 7 kilometers and +Php 15 for subsequent kilometers. For Metro Cebu, the fare will be Php 20 for the first kilometer, +Php 16/km for up to 8 kilometers and +Php 20 for subsequent kilometers. Both Metro Manila and Metro Cebu will have a 1.5x surge cap.


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