DoTR, SMC, MPTC to Start Autosweep, Easytrip Interoperability tests

The country’s road towards cashless transactions in tollways is not going as smooth. Since the implementation of RFID-only transactions last December 1, motorists are marred with long lines and non-functioning RFID lanes, causing heavy traffic among Luzon’s major expressways. It also does not help that people applying for RFID (be it Autosweep or Easytrip) has to deal with packed lines at installation stations.

All is not bad, however: DoTR, SMC TPLEX corp., MPTC, and NLEX corporation have signed a MOA for test the interoperability of Autosweep and Easytrip RFIDs. With this test, all toll operators want to achieve seamless functionality of both Autosweep and Easytrip RFIDs in NLEX, TPLEX, and SCTEX.

The test will be conducted for 14 days, with 45 vehicles of different classifications involved in the test. Participants will submit transaction reports, along with dashcam footage to the steering committee. From there, the committee will determine the read rate percentage based on the collected data.

“The test is part of the ongoing campaign by the DOTr, through the Toll Regulatory Board, to implement a policy of toll interoperability for the fast, efficient, and seamless travel of motorists along various toll roads, as the country continues to recover from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic,” DoTR said in a press statement.

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