LTFRB Wants Taxi Fares to Go Up so They’re Competitive with Uber

by Carlo Ople  September 14, 2017

LTFRB Chairman Delgra

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Two weeks ago the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) had a dialogue with Taxi operators here in the Philippines. This came after the madness which was the temporary suspension and massive fine of Uber. That dialogue bore fruit as revealed by LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III yesterday during the Senate Finance committee hearing for the proposed 2018 budget of the Department of Transportation. The chairman announced that the entire LTFRB board was in agreement that taxi fares should be increased to be “at par” with the rates of Uber and Grab.

“Ang gagawin, we will try to make it at par with TNVS or more particularly with the Uber system kasi nade-dehado daw mga taxi drivers ngayon. Ang gagawin na namin ng Board, we have already agreed unanimously, we are going to do it on a running time rate so aside from the distance travelled, meron na ring papasok on the time travel.” – LTFRB Chairman Delgra

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So there you have it folks. Expect prices of taxis to go up in the next few months courtesy of our awesome friends from the LTFRB. It’s both a good and a bad thing as taxi fares haven’t gone up in years. Hopefully though the increase will be felt more by the taxi drivers than the operators.

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    With this move, lalo lang lalakas ang TNVS. Most taxi drivers are arrogant, selective and uncourtious. not to mention that some taxis are old. so, kung pareho na ang rate nila ng mga TNVS, more will prefer to ride TNVS than taxis. Pareho din naman ang bayad, dun na ako sa mas magandang sasakyan at mababait n TNVS drivers (only a handful are not).

    This is really not good for taxis. in short, parang pipilayin na ng LTFRB ang taxi business. Which is bad (or good for others). What do others think?

    now it is very obvious that he is bias. Pro-taxi talaga itong si kumag. halatang obvious ka na. Mag taxi ka na araw-araw para malaman mo sinasabi mo at makita mo hinahanap mo.