Meet The MG Cyberster: The Newest EV Concept In Town

Its future is in your hands.

MG has unveiled its new MG Cyberster EV Concept at the ongoing Shanghai Motor Show 2021. This concept car is close to being a reality, but for it to finally make the leap from a concept car to a mass production model, MG is looking for your help. 

Meet The MG Cyberster: The Newest EV Concept In Town

Since the birth of MG in the United Kingdom in 1924, the brand has been known for making beautiful, sporty, and exciting roadsters. In fact, the classic MG MGB roadster was, for many, the most beautiful car ever made until now. The iconic brand is reviving the classic British roadster style with a new, jaw-dropping design and leading-edge technology—all in the form of the new MG Cyberster EV Concept. 

The Cyberster Concept pays tribute to the legendary MGB Roadster. Despite the ultramodern look, the design cues are undeniably from the classic roadster. There’s a huge difference in performance though (you can thank the almost 60-year gap in technology for that): the Cyberster can do 0 to 100 kp/hin less than 3 seconds, has a range of 800km, and has level 3 autonomous driving technology. 

MG already considers the Cyberster as a successful concept, and is willing to mass-produce it any time now. But before they do that, they want your direct participation. In short, the future of the MG Cyberster is in your hands. 

Through their new campaign dubbed as the MG CyberCUBE—a bold and interactive business model that is designed to operate via active crowd-funding—they will determine the fate of the MG Cyberster Concept. MG necessitates 5000 crowd-fund shares for this concept to come into production. Still, this concept is not far from reality as each share is just roughly Php 7,500.

Once the EV Concept of MG Cyberster is finally in production, it will mark a significant milestone in MG history. Not just because of its cutting-edge technology and autonomous driving, but also because MG is once again back in producing a beautiful, sporty, and thrilling roadster. 


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