President Duterte Orders MMDA to Implement More Traffic Measures

EDSA traffic. Photo via Inquirer

Digong Has Had Enough of Traffic

We all know that traffic is no joke in Metro Manila. Back in the day, we could get pretty much get anywhere in the Metro in about 30 minutes. Now, getting stuck along EDSA for 2 hours seems to be a common occurrence rather than something caused by a terrible mishap.

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According to, the President has had enough of the growing traffic situation that has also been crippling the economy and due to his frustration has ordered the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to implement at least four new traffic schemes that would ease our driving experience permanently. Tim Orbos, Chairman and General Manager of the MMDA, said that President Duterte had tasked him to tackle the clearing of the service roads along Roxas Boulevard after Holy Week, plus create guidelines for both the implementation of flexible time schedules for government employments and for trucks to be able to use major roads, like EDSA.

Barangay Officials would also be charged for neglecting their duties to keep roads free from illegally parked cars and other obstacles that would cause traffic.

Whatever the rest of the supposed traffic measures would be, we hope they aren’t as convoluted as the proposed Windows 2.0 that was eventually scrapped.

Source: Inquirer

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