TRB Clarifies on Reported Skyway Stage 3 Indefinite Closure

To end everyone's confusion

If you got scared about reports that the Skyway Stage 3 will be closed indefinitely, the TRB has set the record straight: in a press statement posted by DPWH Secretary Mark Villar on his official Facebook page, the TRB reiterates that they did not issue a decision ordering the indefinite closure of Skyway Stage 3 starting today.

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“The position of the TRB and its management is to keep Skyway Stage 3 OPEN for the benefit of all motorists.”

This is opposite to what was initally posted on the Skyway official Twitter page, where the now-deleted tweet said that they have to close Skyway Stage 3 indefinitely to comply with TRB’s regulations.

The contents of the original announcement last night. The said tweet was deleted, but the post was saved by multiple users.

With the conflicting statements between Skyway and TRB definitely confused everyone, a possible reason for the retracted Skyway Stage 3 closure announcement was because of the latter not approving the proposed tolls .

While a number of motorists aired their sentiment that Php 274 is a steep toll price, TRB’s decision to not approve the toll rates is because SMC Infrastructure–the company behind building Skyway Stage 3–has to comply with all the requirements before being given a toll operators permit. Chief among these requirements include an independent consultant certifying that it is 95% complete.

As of last February, DPWH assessed that the status of Skyway Stage 3 is at 91.99% since a number of ramps are still under construction. Based on current data from its website, 11 ramps are still undergoing construction, while 12 ramps are now open to traffic. Aside from those, there are 4 more ramps planned in the pipeline, and DPWH expects everything to be completed by June 2021.

Skyway Stage 3 is closed to traffic from 10PM to 5PM to complete the remaining construction works so that it will meet the planned June 2021 completion.

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