Sony Just Made Their Own Electric Car

Sony Just Made Their Own Electric Car

It’s made to show off many of their techs

Not content on just making phones, cameras, audio gear and TVs, Sony is apparently making cars now. Well, a car to be specific. The company unveiled their Sony Vision-S electric concept sedan at the end of their CES keynote, much to the surprise of everyone attending.

But don’t expect Sony to be making more of these soon – the Vision-S is a concept sedan that isn’t meant to be made for mass production (at least, not yet). Instead, it’s a platform to showcase Sony’s products and tech, including the wares of the company’s highly profitable imaging division.

The vehicle uses 33 different sensors spread out through the body of the car, as well as large, widescreen displays, always-on connectivity and uses an EV platform made by Magna.

The car can seat four people and comes equipped with two 200kW engines, and has the ability to go from 0-62 MPH in a little as 4.8 seconds. Top speed is pegged at 149 MPH.

Sony was light on the details for the Vision-S but it’s a good bet it’ll be a one-off vehicle, meant to showcase the tech inside that they can apply to cars of other brands rather than a look at the company’s automotive future.

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