Watch: This Is Why We Hate Taxis (And Love Uber And Grab)

Watch: This Is Why We Hate Taxis (And Love Uber And Grab)

Facebook video shows exactly why we hate taking regular taxis

Regular taxis have been complaining that their livelihood is being threatened by transport network vehicle services (TNVS) or more specifically, Grab and Uber. They’ve been saying that since these two services have been in the country, their take home pay has been steadily declining since more people prefer these app based services over riding with them.

I’ve already gone through why complaining about TNVS taking your livelihood without fixing the service you provide is utterly stupid and ridiculous, but a video that’s now making the rounds in Facebook shows why most people prefer rider sharing services over regular taxis.

Facebook user Zyra Natalie Moleta, fed up with taxis declining her trip, decided to take videos of regular taxis refusing to take her and her companions to their destination (from BGC going to Commonwealth) despite having a pregnant woman with them. She posts 5 different attempts to take a taxi, only to get refused by the drivers.

Sorry pero hindi nakakatuwa ang mga reasoning nyo parerehas kayo ng dahilan eh di nyo ginalingan ang pagdadahilan, ilang beses nyo kami tinanggihan may kasama kaming buntis. Akala ko ba bawal na tumanggi mga taxi? Pakishare na lang sa may gusto at nakaencounter din ng ganito,” she posts on Facebook.

As far as we know, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has a rule in place wherein they fine cab drivers who refuse to convey passengers Php 5,000 (which they are planning to increase to Php 10,000).

Taxi drivers, if you’re wondering why people decide to go Grab and Uber (despite being more expensive), this is exactly why.

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