When the LTFRB Chairman Sees 10 Taxis Turn Down Passengers

by Carlo Ople  August 26, 2017

LTFRB Chairman Delgra

What Did He Say?

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chair Atty. Martin Delgra III guested on Daniel Razon’s morning show to talk about the on-going Uber-LTFRB drama-rama saga. He was shown a social experiment video where a reporter tried to book a Taxi without having to give additional money on top of the meter fare. All 10 tries were a failure with the cabs either asking for more money or downright refusing the passenger.

His response to the “social experiment”? Chairman Delgra said that passengers should assert their rights. If the drivers refuse, then people should file a complaint at the LTFRB and show up during the hearing so that the drivers can be properly penalized. Suffice to say that’s a lot of inconvenience on the side of the passenger especially since they’re the aggravated party.

Here’s a clip of the interview:

And here’s the full interview (if you have a lot of time on your hands):

What do you guys think about it?

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    “Chairman Delgra said that passengers should assert their rights.”

    Sure, paano naman kung dahilhin ka kung saan nung driver? Sasakay ka ba na alam mong galit sayo yung driver kasi “you asserted your right”?

    Paano kung babae ka? Ano laban mo doon?
    OMG tanga tanga. The best na gawin? Social experiment ba na gusto nya paniwalaan?

    Tanggalan sya ng Kotse. Bigyan ng rule na dapat mag taxi siya for at least a week.
    Tapos may undercover tapos may camera at mic sya para rinig yung usapan at bawal sya mag pakilala kung sino man sya……….

    Actually, sana nag tratrabaho yung mga anak / kamaganak nya s Makati o ma traffic na lugar at walang kotse.

    His response was very disappointing. While what he said is good advice, it misses the point entirely. His job is to regulate the taxi operators and drivers, not to regulate the customer’s behavior. Also, while his advice is good, it does not excuse the behavior of the drivers. It’s important that he call out the taxi driver’s behavior and clearly state that it is wrong for taxis to refuse the way they did – even if the potential passenger is “mahina.”

    willing akong magbayad ng surge price at doble pa sa pinapatong ng mga taxi na yan wag lang akong sabihan ng “traffic”, “malayo doon”, “hindi doon ang way ko”, at ayoko ring makarinig ng angal tungkol sa traffic, hindi ko kailangan ng ganung klaseng stress sa buhay ko, and above all, presentable na taxi (it’s not)

    Siguro naman right din naming mga passengers ang mamili ng taxi na sasakyan kung bulok ito or hindi? Are we exercising that “right”? No, we can’t, dahil pwersado tayong sakyan yung bulok na taxi na iyon dahil hindi siya phi-nase out ng LTFRB.
    Akalain mo yun, bulok na nga yung taxi, choosy pa sa pasahero.

    Saan nanggaling itong Delgra na ito? Siya na ang pinaka estupidong Chairman ng LTFRB! Bakit kailangan mga mamayan ang humuli, magsampa ng kaso, mag attend ng mga hearing? Bakit hindi LTFRB mismo ang magpakalat ng mga tauhan at manghuli. Trabaho niyo iyan! Gunggong!

    baka sa compartment ng taxi hehehe. sobrang ungas nga nyang chairman na yan at pati ang bunot na pang sahig inilagay sa ulo nya 🙂

    That’s the problem with public transportation it only benefits the OPERATOR NOT THE RIDING PUBLIC. BUS Overloading, JEEPS Age so bad, TAXI Over demanding, TRAINS Unreliable. Our public transportation doesn’t have a good system like you think. Filipino’s can’t rely to such government people like this guy because he doesn’t understand technology. You rely on a SYSTEM THAT DOESN’T DAM WORK. #AbolishLTFRB

    The law that covers the LTFRB should be amended to change the way that they handle cases of related violations. They should be empowered to start or initiate their investigation even if no one is coming forward to execute affidavits or testifies. Authenticated videos of violations should be enough for them to start the ball rolling in punishing violators. There’s really no incentive for the common folk to go through the motion of filing cases when they will sacrifice time & money that they barely or not have.

    He’s an idiot, promoted beyond his competence. How can any government office do its mandated duties when its chief is incompetent?

    Better still, they should transfer his driver, and sell the office limousine and force him to go out into the street to catch taxi’s for the next six months.

    The challenge for LTFRB should be how to regulate without the need for feedback from the riding passengers. This means doing the monitoring themselves and penalizing drivers and operators on the spot. People will just not have the time to go thru the hearing.

    Dapat sapat na yung video na tanggalan ng license yung driver. Hindi na kailangan mag file pa ng complaint yung passenger. Bulok talaga LTFRB.

    Gusto nung chairman na maging complainant yung reporter. WTF? Seryoso bulag ba sya? Mabuti pa si Empoy!

    And yet Delgra and Lizada keep on maintaining na para daw sa kapakanan ng commuting public yung suspension nila nung isang TNC. Please lang. Eh pati legit drivers damay dun, pati yung mananakay na walang kinalaman pinerwisyo nyo din. Akusahan pa kami bayarang troll vs LTFRB. Kapal. If you really are for public commuter welfare, you’ll see to it that kami ang priority, hindi yung operators. Puro procedure/scripted lang sumagot, hindi kung paano pa mapapabuti yung serbisyo sa public transport sector. #ReformTheLTFRB

    That’s due process for you. File a case, both parties will be heard, then the arbiter/judge will rule on the case. Even for crimes, you have to file a complaint with the police or barangay before it is elevated to the courts where you spend 2 to 3 years before judgement is made. Short process, use your car, Uber or Grab, don’t ride a taxi.