You Can Now Add Multiple Stops To Your Uber Ride

You Can Now Add Multiple Stops To Your Uber Ride

You can now drop off multiple people in one ride

Ever had to drop off a person or two during your Uber ride and had to negotiate with the driver for the right to do so? Well, those days are over – Uber has officially announced that they are now allowing users to add multiple stops in a single ride when you book a uberX, UberBlack, or uberXL.

Specifically, you’re allowed 3 stops during your ride, and the price of your ride will increase depending on how far the stops are from each other. Uber promises no fees if you keep the stops within 3 minutes of your route. If you’re paying through credit card, you can split the cost of the trip between you and your friends and family through the app for a minimal fee of ?10 per participating rider.

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