5 Power Tips for the OPPO F5

5 Power Tips for the OPPO F5


A Couple of Helpful Tips to Master the Selfie Expert

OPPO released the newest member of the F series of smartphones, the OPPO F5, a few weeks ago. While we’re done with the review, we thought we’d share a couple of tips if you bought the device or considering it for your next purchase. Without further ado, here are our 5 Power Tips for the OPPO F5.

Use Protection

No. Not that kind of protection. Well, yeah, please do but we’re talking about the OPPO F5 here. The Chinese company has taken a bit of a step back with the build quality of the newest member of their F series, which has a polycarbonate plastic back with a metallic paint job instead of having a full metal build like its predecessor. To make sure you keep the device pristine and for an added layer of protection, use the accompanying case that comes in the box. It also give you better ergonomics since the screen doesn’t sit flush with the frame.

Turn Off Full Screen Scaling

One of the main features of the OPPO F5 is the 6-inch Full Screen Display with Full HD+ resolution at an aspect ratio of 18:9. As we all know, not all apps support the newfangled aspect ratio the tech world is currently fawning over. The OPPO F5 scales these apps to fill the entire screen but it looks a little wonky with games and whatnot. Make sure you turn off scaling for these apps in the settings.

Give It Time to Recharge

The OPPO F5 has enough juice to last an 8-hour work day with its 3200mAh battery, but the absence of VOOC charging support means that topping the device up may take a little bit. Make sure you charge the device before leaving the office and at the end of the day so you have enough juice for the commute home or for returning to the grind.

Use Your Face to Unlock the Device

Since the OPPO F5 has a Full Screen Display, they’ve had to move the fingerprint scanner from the front of the phone to back of the device. That’s great if you have big hands like most of the team does, but Lea had trouble reaching it with her much smaller hands. A good option for that is to use Face Unlock if that sounds like it’s going to be a problem for you. It works pretty well with an acceptable margin of error, but the fingerprint scanner is definitely a lot safer.

AI Selfies Are the Bomb

An F series phone from OPPO is nothing without an awesome front facing camera. While it can already take awesome selfies on its own, OPPO gave the F5 a new trick up its sleeve with its  AI selfie mode. It basically adjusts the beauty mode to an appropriate amount with a great bokeh effect as well. If you like using the beauty mode for your self portraits, definitely keep it on auto for the AI selfie mode.

Those are our Power Tips if you’re considering the OPPO F5 for your next purchase or if you already have it. If you want to read the reviews or check out our other content for the OPPO F5, click the links below:

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