The OPPO F5 Celebrity-Powered Selfie Expert Launch at City of Dreams

The OPPO F5 Celebrity-Powered Selfie Expert Launch at City of Dreams

The OPPO F5 launch campaign is interesting, unique, and fascinating to take a closer look at. It bucked the trend of the usual gadget beat press event (they teased it via celebrities at the Star Magic Ball) and they went with a solid balance between lifestyle and tech throughout the build-up until the actual launch. This is actually the secret of their success: solid positioning, great marketing, and aggressive on-ground sales. This all culminated at the OPPO F5 event at the City of Dreams where they had their main endorsers Alden Richards, Sarah Geronimo, Joshua Garcia, and Julia Barretto in full force.

Speaking of the launch, allow us to share some photos that we took during the event.

The audience pretty much exploded in applause when the one and only Sarah Geronimo took the stage to perform two songs.
Alden Richards and Sarah Geronimo flank Stephen Cheng, Marketing Manager of OPPO Philippines
Eason de Guzman, PR Manager of OPPO Philippines, doing an interview with local media
Julia Barretto was also there during the event.
One of the hottest love teams today.
Unbox, Ungeek peeps with Eason and Stephen of OPPO Philippines after the event

All this glitz and glamor made the device highly desirable to the point that people don’t even talk too much about the specifications anymore. Majority of the customers zero in on the story that it’s a superb phone to take a selfie with and that it’s endorsed by some high-profile and trending young celebrities. All that marketing makes them top of mind and when you hit the malls to shop for a phone the OPPO salesmen are like sharks that smell blood in the water, hehe (I mean that in a good way — they sell well).

The OPPO F5 is now available via pre-order nationwide. You get free speakers if you make a pre-order so if you’ve decided already to pick one up, we suggest you place a pre-order ASAP to take advantage of the promotion. We have our initial review and unboxing up already but expect the full review to drop in a few days.

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