Aiaiai Capital Headphone Review

Aiaiai Capital Headphone Review

Review: Aiaiai Capital Headphone

Aiaiai Capital Headphone Review

Aiaiai was ambitious when they set out to make the Capital Headphone (SRP: Php4,450). They wanted to achieve several things all at the same time: durability, sound quality, and comfort. Did they hit all three? Well we’ve been using and abusing the Aiaiai Capital for the last two weeks and we pretty much have enough time with it to come up with a fair and straight-to-the-point review. Read on to find out what we think!

It’s definitely made to last

If there’s one thing the Aiaiai Capital is meant to do, it’s to withstand abuse. Like what we said during our unboxing post, the ear cups are made from bolstered fiberglass and the headband is padded with the same material you find in bicycle handles. These cans were made to be thrown around, stuffed in your bag, and maybe even get a little wet every now and then.

So how is it in real life experience? The Aiaiai Capital pretty much survived primarily because of the combination of the material and how you fold it so that it’s more portable. Just like the Marshall Major you can actually push the ear cups upwards, press both ends together, and tie it up with the cable. In this “mode” the Capital can take day-to-day punishment and it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag making it truly portable.

Update: We just confirmed that the Aiaiai Capital was tested to be weather resistant. You should be able to wear this even if it’s raining or snowing (well doesn’t snow in the PH). That’s definitely a plus given the unpredictable weather here in the Philippines.

Durability over comfort?

If there’s one criticism I’ll throw towards the Capital, it’s that I found the ear pads a bit uncomfortable. I know this is an on-ear headphone and that most on-ears are not really meant for marathon sessions, but I couldn’t last more than an hour before I had to take it off.

Excellent sound quality… Aiaiai Style

What it lacks in comfort it makes up in sound quality. When it comes to audio, Aiaiai knows how to deliver and they don’t disappoint at all with the Capital. Initially I was thinking that the Capital would be for bass heads but after listening to it for more than several hours I had a change of heart. The Capital boasts of very clear highs and detailed mids. The bass is there and it’s more of the tight and punchy type, not the prolonged bass you usually get with Beats (which I hate). The audio quality is this good primarily because of the dynamic 40mm closed titanium drivers which is meant to deliver clear and accurate sound.

All of my usual songs played well, especially when I tried alternative and classic rock. I enjoyed the cans the most when I listened to a live concert album of U2 and then followed it up by listening to Sting. 🙂

It’s a solid pick for urban young professionals

So how is it for Php4,450? Well everything considered, the Aiaiai Capital is definitely worth it. The big plus points of course go to the durability (which means you don’t have to buy another headphone after several months) and the great sound quality. There’s definitely room for improvement when it comes for comfort though.

Who should get it? Well the type of person I see enjoying this the most would be casual listeners who usually just put on their cans to listen to at most 10-15 songs before they take it off. Maybe when they’re on the road or they just need to zone out for a bit at the office. By the way, the Capital has an inline microphone and remote control so it’s ideal for iPhone users. The remote control is a bit hard to use though since it’s covered with some sort of hard rubber.

The Aiaiai Capital sells for Php4,450 and you can get them in Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, or Digital Walker.



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