Unboxing the Aiaiai Capital Headphone

Unboxing the Aiaiai Capital Headphone

The Aiaiai Capital Headphone unboxed! Woooooot!

Unboxed: The Aiaiai Capital Headphone

The Aiaiai Capital is a headphone that’s meant to withstand abuse and deliver good sound quality. If you’ve broken several headphones before because of stuffing them in your bag or throwing them around after use then you might want to strongly consider the Aiaiai Capital for your next purchase. It has a bolstered fiberglass shell for the ear cups and the headband is made from the same padding you find in bicycle handles (talk about tough, right?). Not bad for cans that sell for just Php4,450 if you ask me!

Anyway, on to the unboxing! Check out our photos and don’t forget to read the captions folks!

What the back of the box looks like
Front flap opens up to reveal the headphones. Transparent plastic covering it.
Gorgeous headphones. Simple and elegant design that will just wow you. Aiaiai did a wonderful job with the Capital!
Made from really good materials. Feels very sturdy when held. The padded headband, while tough, won’t exert pressure on your head. The ear cups are adjustable as well, just pull down or up to get the best fit.
It folds up to something like this when you want to store it in your bag. Definitely made to be portable. Coolies.
In-line remote control and microphone makes it a great companion for your smartphone.

Full Review Coming Soon

Php4,450 for this is honestly a very good price. Based on our initial tests the Capital sounds terrific, leaning a bit on the lower range and the bass. Watch out for our full review next week!

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